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Portable for tire inflatable for car

Portable for tire inflatable for car
MINI Futureman tire compressor

Portable Compact Tire Inflator

Mini Futureman compact air compressor, Portable Compact Tire Inflator

∙ 1bar=100kPa=14.5036psi

∙ 10 Amps current consumption

∙ 12V DC voltage

∙ 87±3 psi OE standard gauge measures

∙ 65 psi max. working pressure

∙ 1.50 pounds weight

∙ No fuse blew and not knock in-car electronics out

∙ Provide the actual test data as below

∙ Easy to adjust the tire pressure anytime

∙ Inflate 195/65R15(28L) within 300 seconds

∙ 6.1 x 5.9 x 2.3 inches size

∙ 10 feet power code

∙ 21.7 inches air hose

∙ -22F~158F storage temperature

∙ -22F~158F operation temperature

∙ For motorcycle, sedan, touring, SUV, van

∙ 3 adapters for bicycle, ball, balloon, toy air cushion

∙ Can fit it in the glove box of a car

∙ 2 years warranty of the purchase date
∙ English manual x 1



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